About Us

CRM solutions suggested by Enseadev for a better management

Enseadev or “End of Season Developers” is a company people passionate about Information technology and who work together to make your ideas come to life. Our mission, our value, and our goal are to give a new definition to technologies with innovative solutions and collaboration.

What we offer as CRM software

Our solution is to help you increase your revenues while saving time in some custom tasks.

Develop, install and deploy software to businesses

The more your company grows, the more you need to have software to manage more efficiently your business. That is the reason why we work daily to provide you with all the tools you need. In fact, with a team of developers with more than eight years in the development industry, we have been able to develop various tools to improve day to day activities. ENSEADEV works in close collaboration with Prositeweb Inc., and it acts as a brand to commercialize products.

Implement CMS Template from PSD or HTML files

Do you have a PSD design or HTML template that you will like to use for your website? There is no more need to build a static website with that. We can use your PSD or HTML to create a CMS template. As such, you can keep your design and HTML functionalities. Additionally, you will be able to make use of the CMS features to make your website better. There are thousands of advantages of a CMS compare to a static website.

Help you get the right plug-in or API

To take full advantage of a platform for your organization, you often need third-party software. Despite all the features of a tool, it is usually challenging to find a device that has all you need to run your business. Luckily, most of the popular tools give you the option to connect with other platforms to achieve your goal. However, the choice of the right tool is crucial. At Enseadev, we help you find the right software, plug-in or API that will provide cost-efficient results.

Make your dream come true at the peanut price under the partnership program

You have a great and innovative idea but don’t have all it takes to turn your idea into a product? Let work together to make it happen. Enseadev is a group of people from various fields who work together to convert your ideas into innovation or sellable products. Our mission is to help you concretize your concept at a price you can afford. Contact us today to find out more.

Our main solutions

Are you looking for a software development company in Montreal? We are experts in custom software development and management tools for companies. As a matter of fact; we can handle your projects from the stage of problem analysis to the implementation of the platform.  Moreover, our experienced team of developers understand your business correctly and are ready to provide a solution that will suit your needs. We specialize in CRM solutions, Teamwork tools, finance solutions and popular existing tools such as Microsoft, Odoo, and Jira.

Custom software made easy. Save time and money with our solutions

Enseadev provides you with custom software and management tools to improve your work environment. Our solutions are ready to be used, customizable and adapted to any company size. What we do

Mobile apps solutions

Increase your customer loyalty and generate more sales with mobile applications

Custom software development

Save time and money by automating some of your custom tasks. We help to concentrate on your core business.

Localization software

Help your customers to find you easily with localization software. Take advantage of our tools to increase your customer’s satisfaction.

Third-Party software

Connect your website or software so easily with third-party software. We provide you with all you need to connect your platforms so easily.

Analytics tools

Data plays an essential role in an organization. We provide you with means to generate data that you need to make wise decisions

Accounting Software

We help you to manage your accounting easily with finances software. In fact, with our solution, you will Generate invoices, manage notifications and get paid on time.